Lingam Massage

The Dakini Lingam massage is a sexual massage for men. After a whole body massage to welcome and warm you up, we reach the area of the Lingam, or phallus, which is massaged and touched using different techniques.

Dynamic motions are combined with soft touches, arousing and then relaxing the man, thus allowing you to reach the full intensity of your desire and increase the sensations pleasure.
This massage is a way to discover the diverse world of manly lust, and for many men, it opens up an astonishing mosaic of sensations. Conscious breathing turns the Dakini Lingam massage into a whole body experience.

The Lingam massage includes the following variants:

classic: lasts one hour and is an intense explosion of feeling.

deluxe: lasts an hour and a half or two hours. This is a massage for connoisseurs of prolonged pleasure in one's own sexual desire, and the long anticipation of pleasure, before the release of extended sensuality, with the whole body involved in sheer, endless pleasure!