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Dear women,

we love to get your feedback on your massages, your overall experience at Dakini, and anything else you may wish to tell us. 
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I'd like to thank Mira once again. Her massage was truly wonderful, from the beginning with the powder and the warm cloths, right until the very end. I am very grateful for her competence, sympathy, and tenderness. The only risk now is getting addicted. 

Until next time. Simone

Guten Tag,
ich möchte mich nochmal ganz herzlich bei Mira bedanken. Ihre Massage war vom Anfang mit dem Puder und den warmen Lappen bis am Schluss wunderschön. Ihre Kompetenz, Sympathie und Zärtlichkeit habe ich wirklich genossen.

Es gibt nut das Risiko, süchtig zu werden ;-)
Bis auf das nächste Mal.

I found it wonderful to be treated like a queen, and to spend a relaxed morning in such a luxurious atmosphere. The quietness of the movements, and the careful, considerate touches to the entire body left me feeling radiant as I marched forward into Spring - with a newly awakened sense of my own body, and pride in being a desirable woman. . K.B.
Dear Martina,
I had a wonderful time with you! I experienced a great wave of pleasure, and then was able to travel down the waterfall. All of this in an atmosphere of acceptance and value, which allowed me to truly enjoy the experience. The only thought in the back of my mind is that this feeling wouldn't last forever. I left the massage full of satisfaction and with my breasts "spraying".
Best wishes, and I look forward to seeing you again.
Dear Elisabeth,
About a week ago, I experienced a truly special day, of which you were the high point. You welcomed me so openly and sincerely. I felt wonderful with you, and was glad to be able to let go completely and enjoy what may come. Your words, your touch, your massage were and are a salve for my soul and my body. I am deeply grateful for all the intense, moving feelings... At first, I was not able to take it all in and feel, but I feel more and more life and joy inside of me to enjoy. It was great to meet you Elisabeth.
Best wishes from Sabine