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You are interested in a tantric massage? You have decided to pamper yourself, to do good to your body and soul. 

Women powerfully walk their path; they get to know their own intimacy and lust. This experience of their sensual depth gives them joy, strength and faith in themselves.

It makes me happy to accompany women there, to support them with what they need and to serve them in their own sensuality.

Tender and strong, with all my awareness, with precise intuition, with tender and jucy touch, with my male presence and professional clarity I want to support women on their path towards their power and feminity.

JIN SHIN JYUTSU practicioner/autodicdact
Medial training (Renée Bonanomi)
certified tantric massage theraphist (Nhanga Grunow, Didi Liebold)
Sexological Bodywork (Joseph Kramer, Didi Liebold)

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Let yourself go and plunge into your feeling.