Tao massage for women

Tao massage for women. Time to recharge!

Maintaining your feminine beauty and radiance means planning for relaxation and quiet time in your everyday life. Dakini Tao massage is especially important for harmonising the masculine and feminine energy (Yin and Yang) coursing through your body. Feelings of stress, overexertion, or insecurity can be balanced out by recharging your internal energy, or Chi. This massage also naturally involves the intimate area of the body, or Yoni. Only you decide how far you'd like to go.

Tao massage includes the following variants:
Classic: deep immersion for one and a half hours - powerful, nourishing, relaxing.
Luxury: two hours, for women who enjoy taking a little more time for themselves.
Deepening: two and a half hours, or three hours upon request: an intense, extensive luxury massage, for women who know they're worth it!

Tao massage for women

Time for you. Time for recharge. Time to maintain your feminine beauty and radiance.