Tantric massage for women.

Tantric massage for women. Time for you.

Discover Dakini's tantric massage at your own pace and as you like it, as a gift from you to yourself. Enjoy the touch of expert hands, as they massage you with precious oils. Experience a ritual washing with warm water, or the caress of silk cloth running over your body. As you are touched, massaged, or just held, let yourself slip away... there's nothing to do... just be... breathe... recharge...
Delve into a world of silence and deep relaxation, into a world of sensual touching, of tenderness and pleasure. Delve into your own femininity. You'll be able to choose whether you'd rather be pampered by male or female hands.

Tantric massage includes the following variations:
Classic: our centrepiece, in one and a half hours - gentle and powerful.
Luxury: two hours, for women who enjoy taking a little more time for themselves.
Deepening: two and a half ours, or three hours upon request: an intense, extensive, luxurious massage for women who know they're worth it!

Tantric massage for women

Let yourself go, recharge.