Men’s voices

Dear men, we would love to hear what you enjoyed about your massage or your stay in Dakini. We also appreciate you sharing your critiques or suggestions.  Write to us! 

dear lea
today I'd the experience with Barbara.
Really great!!
thanks so much


yesterday at 1.00 pm I'd the massage with Kristina.
I want underline that she is a very capable person. She is really very good.
Hope to have her in future
Best regards


Good evening, Lea, hello dear Desiree,
I want to thank you once again for the absolutely wonderful afternoon. I was enchanted from the very beginning, and felt wonderful in this very new situation, and am still raving about it.

The initial nervousness disappeared in minutes, and my heart opened fully to my partner, since I felt her reciprocating the feeling. I am still feeling the effects, and am already looking forward to returning to the warm and soft touch of such a wonderful woman. An experience that can't be missed. Best regards S.

Hello all.
I wanted to let you know that my visit today was great. Just wonderful! Thanks again to Mira.
Dear Sabine,
You moved me! With unbelievable grace in your flowing movements, your warm compassion and your deep tenderness opened a door to life in me. Divine! I am deeply grateful for this gift. Regards, U.
Dear Sandrine, dear Sabine,
Thank you so much for your compassionate, kingly treatment yesterday afternoon. It was wonderful to be with you wonderful artists. Your devotion is truly beautiful; The different sensations led me into an ocean of endless relaxation. I am still feeling the positive vibrations. Thank you for the gift of trust, I was truly able to let go with you. Best, R.

Dear Rahel,
My visit to you opened my eyes to the fact that you are one of the best in your field.
Jacqueline - I thank you for the way in which you welcomed me, the way in which you greeted me, the way in which you touched me - I thank you for allowing me to feel something truly wonderful. Best, H.